Chin na (Qin na) is the Kung fu art of seizing and controlling.  It is found to some degree in all the Chinese martial arts, both Shaolin and Taoist including Kung fu, Tai chi, Shiao jiao, etc.  However some styles have many more Chin na techniques than others and some styles even specialise in the art of Chin na.
During my search for painful and effective locks while studying both Kempo and Ju jitsu, I first became aware of Chin na and having read and studied the limited written material available at that time, so begun my quest to learn more about this brilliant form of the martial arts.
To try and gain more knowledge I firstly sought out good instruction in Shaolin styles incorporating plenty of Chin na, these being White Crane, Eagle Claw,  Tiger styles and Praying Mantis.  I must point out all these styles are a lifetime's study, when their full syllabus was learnt however, my passion was solely the Chin na from within these deadly arts.


Steve with Master Gini Lau and Sifu Julian Dale
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One day while reading a popular UK martial arts magazine I came across an article on Chin na by Nick Woolley.  It was about how Nick had trained in Boston USA under Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, the well known martial arts instructor and author of several top selling books on both Kung Fu and Tai Chi.  Nick trained with Dr. Yang for many years learning the stand alone Chin na syllabus Dr. Yang was teaching.  Eventually Nick was given permission to teach on behalf of Dr. Yang in Europe.
Our group became a founder member of Nick's new British Chin na Association and we were soon attending his day seminars in Leamington Spa and Warwick.   However the seminars did not come around fast enough for us so we also invited Nick to teach on seminars fronted by ourselves in the Wolverhampton/South Staffs. area.

Nick Woolley training with Dr Yang
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Nick eventually moved to the South coast and it became harder to get his instruction on a regular basis.  Nick was very busy with his writing, so we were forced to train alone.  Initially we only practised the syllabus we had been taught, but later we also introduced techniques from other styles; Dr. Yang's Chin na being mostly based on White Crane, Eagle Claw and Long Fist Kung fu.
Our reasearch and training is still ongoing.  We have now both regular weekly classes and seminars open to all.  Chin na is practical, painful and very easy to learn.  It is suitable for both sexes and can be learnt and practised throughout your life; old age is not an excuse to give up this art !
Chin na can be learnt by total martial arts novices or experienced martial artists looking to increase their locking knowledge.  It is reputed to be the mother art of Ju jitsu/Aiki and does attract interest from practitioners of  these arts.  Remember, Chin na is only teaching you the locking and control aspects of the Chinese arts therefore, if you can already kick and punch confidently this art may be an addition that could enhance your skills.
Our new group " UK Chin na Society"  is keen to work with any clubs or groups within the UK wanting to either learn or teach Chin na.  We are keen to hear from you and willing to teach classes, seminars or privately if required. We are looking for new members to join us and will run taster sessions for you if required.  We have already worked closely with the Independent Martial Arts Association and look forward to many more such similar workshops with other groups in the future.

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Kevin Summers with Steve,

Pen and Barney

Barney & Jim

Wrist Chin na

Barney gets a double helping

 of Peking Duck from

Jim and Max

Great Barr


UK Chin na Seminar - Great Barr, Birmingham


UK Chin na Seminar - Winchcombe, Glous.




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